Certificate in Data Analytics and
Predictive Modelling

About the Course

This course aims to equip participants with practical skills in preparing, analysing and visualizing business data using tools like Power Query, Power BI and SQL. 

▪Accountants, Finance  Officers, Finance Managers & Finance Directors

▪ Administration Officers

▪ Human Resources Executives

▪ Marketing & Business Development Officers

▪ All Managers and Business Owners

▪ Business Process Consultants

▪ Monitoring and Evaluation Professionals

This program teaches how to access and model data to gain insights and understand business performance. The skills gained can help participants streamline processes, enhance reporting and support evidence-based decision making.

The aims of this course are to:

▪ Introduce business professionals to leading analytics and BI platforms like Power BI, SQL, Advanced Excel and Power Query.

▪ Build working knowledge and practical skills to gather, process, analyse, visualize and act on key business data

▪ Apply these skills to real-world accounting and finance contexts for optimized data analysis, reporting, forecasting, decision making and more, thus increasing their productivity and strategic impact in their respective organizations.

▪ Leverage AI capabilities within these platforms to automate tasks and gain deeper insights

The program is done over a three month period. Most of the lectures will be done physically over the weekends because of the practical nature of the program. 

The costs are as follows:
Once off college reg fee $50
Tuition fees inclusive of exam $250
TOTAL $300.

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